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News January 14, 2010
Securing America's Borders - Fifty ports targeting and pre-screening cargo. What is US Customs doing to protect the homeland?
News February 3, 2010
World Customs Organization changes 2007 Harmonized Tariff Schedule, effective February 3, 2007.
News April 12, 2010
What is a customs broker (customhouse broker)? Does US Customs recommend I use a customs broker? Why do I need a customs broker? Is Go Global Logistics just a Boston customs broker?
News June 25, 2010
Go Global Logistics quoted for CNN’s and Fortune Small Business on global trade, freight forwarding, and US Customs clearance
If you are new to the world of import export, international shipping or freight shipping in general, you have come to the right place. Go Global Logistics can move your international freight shipments to and from anywhere in the world! We file electronically with US Customs and are able to provide rapid US Customs clearance for your freight shipping for import export activities. With our dedicated agents, attention to detail, and specialized international shipping services, Go Global makes the process of import export and international shipping simple and easy for companies of all sizes.
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Logistics Solutions Services
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Go Global Logistics works closely with each of our customers to find the complete logistics & trade services that best fulfills their individual needs. Whether you are just seeking US Customs clearance, or if you want Go Global to manage all aspects of your supply chain from shipping to warehousing to distribution, we can provide the customized solutions your company needs to stay ahead of the competition.
Talk to a person, not a machine
When you call Go Global Logistics, you get a live person that knows your company and knows your shipments, not an automated recording or an agent in a call center who only knows you as a 16 digit tracking number. We are available around the clock to work with you, answer your questions, and solve problems before they cause major delays.
Our proactive, innovative approach to logistics
Go Global Logistics is always seeking solutions that will head off problems before they arrive. By taking a proactive approach, we are able to minimize delays and maximize customer satisfaction. Through our use of innovative products, cutting edge technology, and our combined industry know-how, we can provide your company with a fast and efficient supply chain, moving your goods around the globe with minimal delays.
Access to new markets
The Go Global Online Marketplace gives you direct access to international markets helping you source and sell your products globally. If you are new to importing and exporting, this is a great place to start. The marketplace provides a number of tools that simplify international trade including product listing, auctions, trade management, on-site communication, tracking, and much more.
import & export consulting
The only complete logistics and international trade services provider
Go Global Logistics is the only company providing complete, end-to-end logistics and trade solutions moving your products around the globe and connecting you to new markets.
US Customs clearance
Go Global Logistics will deal with US Customs and all other government agencies on behalf of your company to obtain the fastest possible clearance into the United States. We file entries electronically with US Customs and will ensure all other government agency requirements are met, such as FDA requirements on food safety or USDA requirements on perishables, preventing delays at the port when your goods arrive.
Global shipping & freight forwarding
As a freight forwarder, Go Global Logistics can manage the movement of your freight around the globe. We can advise on carrier selection, the best shipping routes, ports of entry, and all aspects of global shipping and freight forwarding. By providing every service required to move freight internationally, Go Global Logistics can offer complete solutions from a single provider, saving your company valuable time and money.
Warehousing & distribution
Once your goods arrive in the US, do you know where you are going to store them? Go Global Logistics can arrange for the warehousing of your goods at the port of entry, at your location, or at a strategically located facility to assist with distribution. We can also handle all consolidation and break-bulk operations, pick-and-pack, and the final delivery and distribution of your products.
Classification & duty calculation
Go Global Logistics will classify any products you are importing or exporting and will provide your company with the total amount of US Customs duties that are found due. It is useful to know in advance how much you will pay in duties so that you can plan for the added expense and factors it in as part of your costs. For classification requests, please send an email to or call us at (800) 599-3105.
International trade consulting
Go Global Logistics can consult with your company on all aspects of international trade, from choosing a reliable supplier, the use of favorable incoterms, carrier and route selections, as well as US Customs clearance and distribution. We can provide letters of credit and can also act as an intermediary for negotiations and dispute resolution. If you are looking for a service provider that can manage your international trade and logistics, it's time to Go Global.
Complete supply chain design
Go Global Logistics will design a complete supply chain custom tailored for your company. We can establish shipping routes, warehousing and distribution for all of your goods, both domestic and international. By understanding the individual needs of your company, we are able to find the most appropriate solutions that can save you valuable time and money. By getting all of your logistics and supply chain services from a single provider, Go Global Logistics is able to leverage our synergies and pass the efficiency and cost savings along to our customers.
3PL & 4PL - third-party logistics
Go Global Logistics provides complete third-party logistics and can offer every solution you need to move your products around the globe. Because international supply chains often involve interacting with a multitude of carriers and service providers, many companies find themselves hiring additional employees just to manage the different relationships. Go Global Logistics can act as your 4PL (forth-party logistics) provider and can manage all the relationships for your company, coordinating with carriers, warehouses, and US Customs saving you valuable time and money.
Go Global Online Marketplace
The Go Global Online Marketplace connects international buyers and sellers and opens up new markets for small- and mid-sized businesses. Buyers can search the marketplace, request quotes for goods, and even set up a bidding war - a reverse auction where suppliers bid for the lowest price to fulfill your order. Sellers can reach new markets and can sell their goods internationally.
import & export consulting
Go Global Trax - online tracking
Go Global Logistics offers online tracking and tracing so that you know where your goods are at all times. For more information, send us an email at or call us at (800) 599-3105.
Go Global Total Trade Solutions
Go Global Logistics can manage your entire supply chain and international trade transactions. We can provide every service you require when dealing in global markets. From trade negotiations to carrier and route selection, Go Global Total Trade Solutions can provide your business with the tools you need to Go Global. For more information, or to speak to a Go Global Total Trade Agent, please call us today at (800) 599-3105.
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