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News January 14, 2010
Securing America's Borders - Fifty ports targeting and pre-screening cargo. What is US Customs doing to protect the homeland?
News February 3, 2010
World Customs Organization changes 2007 Harmonized Tariff Schedule, effective February 3, 2007.
News April 12, 2010
What is a customs broker (customhouse broker)? Does US Customs recommend I use a customs broker? Why do I need a customs broker? Is Go Global Logistics just a Boston customs broker?
News June 25, 2010
Go Global Logistics quoted for CNN’s and Fortune Small Business on global trade, freight forwarding, and US Customs clearance
If you are new to the world of import export, international shipping or freight shipping in general, you have come to the right place. Go Global Logistics can move your international freight shipments to and from anywhere in the world! We file electronically with US Customs and are able to provide rapid US Customs clearance for your freight shipping for import export activities. With our dedicated agents, attention to detail, and specialized international shipping services, Go Global makes the process of import export and international shipping simple and easy for companies of all sizes.
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The Go Global Logistics Advantage:  Customer Centered with a Commitment to Superior Service

While competition is generally viewed as a threat, because of the way Go Global Logistics does business, we see our competition and their weaknesses as a tremendous opportunity. Those small- and mid-sized businesses who do not currently use a 3PL (third party logistics) provider are having the greatest difficulty in locating a reliable provider who will take on their business. Companies who currently utilize a 3PL provider tend to receive sub-par performance and service, and are generally dissatisfied with the level of attention they receive.  Go Global Logistics is exceeding customer expectations demonstrating that importers and exporters no longer need to settle for sub-par service.

A Developing Trend
As the market has continued to grow at an explosive pace, large 3PL providers are trending towards minimizing the number of accounts they hold, seeking only the largest accounts and refusing to renew contracts with small- and mid-sized firms. By providing high-quality services with the latest technology, Go Global Logistics is growing at a rapid place and is providing customized logistics and supply chain services to businesses of all sizes.

Overall, customer service in the industry is very poor. Commonly seen in mature industries when companies become relaxed and indifferent to customer needs, problems quickly develop. Go Global Logistics has addressed these problems from our inception, rather than sweeping them under the rug. We constantly monitor the pulse of the market and always encourage feedback from our customers. This not only builds customer loyalty, but increases satisfaction and reduces problems, saving money for both Go Global and our customers.

Lack of Innovation and Technology
Go Global Logistics has found that the vast majority of 3PL companies have developed a predominant atmosphere of complacency and an “if we don’t have it, you don’t need it” mindset. This has negatively impacted the level of service to customers, something we strive to prevent at all costs. By training our employees to give the highest level of service, coupled with our willingness to serve any need, we can give our customers an unrivaled experience characterized by ease, convenience, and the latest value-add technologies.

Currently, only 35% of 3PL customers say they are satisfied with their 3PL provider’s IT capabilities, while 92% say that IT capabilities are a necessary element of 3PL provider expertise. This trend has lead us to develop our marketplace with innovative technologies including sourcing, online shipment tracking, and transaction management capabilities at no extra cost to our customers.

A Mature Industry
Because it is a mature industry, many 3PL (third party logistics) companies are surviving on repeat business from the same customers they have held for generations. Regardless of the level of service they receive, some customers stay with a firm simply because historically, they have always used the same service provider. Most customers are not aware that a higher level of service is available, so they have come to accept an inferior level of service.

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  • “New 3PL Study Offers Industry Insights.” Logistics Today News. Jan. 2007.
In courting new customers from the competition, we are frequently met with an “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset. We demonstrate to our customers why our service is different and that the time we save our customers directly equates into dollar savings for them. By showing them the value of our technologies, our complete service offering, and our commitment to excellent customer service, our company has continued to grow while avoiding the faults of our competitors.

Large, Established Competitors
Large companies like UPS and FedEx also offer some of the same services as Go Global, but are considerably more expensive. In addition, it is impossible to reach someone on the phone with any intimate knowledge of your specific shipment. Go Global Logistics has the advantages of lower costs and knowledgeable, individualized customer service. Because of our flexible structure we can provide the individual attention and latest technologies that small- and mid-sized companies are seeking, while offering it at a lower price than our competition.

While the industry is somewhat competitive, new companies are not common, and existing companies are not seeking rapid growth. Most of our direct competitors are either satisfied with their current customer level, or are even turning away customers. Go Global Logistics believes no customer to be too small, and we see the potential for future business in every single shipment.

By maintaining a commitment to the highest level of quality and customer service, and leveraging the latest technologies to add value, Go Global plans to stay a step ahead of the competition.

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