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News January 14, 2010
Securing America's Borders - Fifty ports targeting and pre-screening cargo. What is US Customs doing to protect the homeland?
News February 3, 2010
World Customs Organization changes 2007 Harmonized Tariff Schedule, effective February 3, 2007.
News April 12, 2010
What is a customs broker (customhouse broker)? Does US Customs recommend I use a customs broker? Why do I need a customs broker? Is Go Global Logistics just a Boston customs broker?
News June 25, 2010
Go Global Logistics quoted for CNN’s and Fortune Small Business on global trade, freight forwarding, and US Customs clearance
If you are new to the world of import export, international shipping or freight shipping in general, you have come to the right place. Go Global Logistics can move your international freight shipments to and from anywhere in the world! We file electronically with US Customs and are able to provide rapid US Customs clearance for your freight shipping for import export activities. With our dedicated agents, attention to detail, and specialized international shipping services, Go Global makes the process of import export and international shipping simple and easy for companies of all sizes.
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Complete, Customized Logistics Solutions for Companies of All Sizes

Opportunities in the Market
Businesses new to importing and exporting have no idea what is involved, and are very confused by the industry’s use of abbreviations and acronyms known as INCOTERMS. The third-party logistics (3PL) industry is characterized by “old school” business practices and existing companies usually have long term, repetitive customers and do not put a priority on service or seeking new business. As a result, small and mid-sized businesses have greater difficulty learning about and taking advantage of the cost savings of going global. There is a tangible need for a single provider who can offer complete, reliable solutions that are easy to understand and come with knowledgeable people to talk to if a problem arises. This is where Go Global Logistics comes in.

A Fragmented Industry
The international trade services industry is very fragmented, unorganized, and characterized by poor service. Unless you are a large corporation it is very difficult to find someone willing to take the time to understand the needs of your business. Information is scattered and confusing and many people have no idea what a customs broker or 3PL company is, let alone why they would need to hire one. Most companies providing customs brokerage services offer little else, save a few that also provide freight forwarding. Go Global Logistics offers a complete line of supply chain management services, import export consulting, freight forwarding, break bulk and consolidation, less than container load (LCL), full container load (FCL) and much more.

There are other companies that provide a full range of logistics solutions, including shipping, customs clearance, freight forwarding and distribution, but are very large, poorly organized, expensive, and are uninviting to people new to importing and exporting. Almost every company uses confusing industry terms to describe their services making small businesses wonder where to begin. Those companies that crack the code often find themselves purchasing services from a number of different providers and hiring additional employees just to manage the various contractors, resulting in greater distractions from their core competencies.

A Developing Dynamic
The most interesting dynamic of the 3PL is the increasing focus on customer selection, squeezing out smaller customers forcing them to seek service elsewhere. The few companies who offer a wide range of services are focused on maintaining fewer, large accounts and generally will not respond to a RFQ for customers they deem to be unacceptable due to lack of size, volume, depth or otherwise. In an already confusing industry there is no single company that brings the same benefits large corporations reap from international trade to the rest of the business community, including small and mid-size businesses.

A Place for Go Global
As more and more companies engage in international trade, the need is great for a single, reliable provider to bring the benefits of global markets to the small and mid-sized business sector. A company that can leverage the latest online tracking and information technology making supply chains transparent, efficient, and secure. A complete international trade services provider offering consulting and guidance on country selection, sourcing, logistics, customs clearance and door to door logistics. A centralized information source for all aspects of international trade, rated supplier and manufacturer listings, certified translators, cultural consultants and an online global marketplace facilitating international commerce. The time has never been better to Go Global.

Go Global levels the playing field for small and mid-sized businesses allowing them to compete more effectively with large corporations. With such dramatic cost savings available through global trade, the importance of an efficient supply chain to control logistics costs and ensure “value-add” has never been greater. By providing small and mid-sized businesses with global supply chain visibility, streamlined solutions, and superior service, Go Global will give them the same (and sometimes better) tools that large corporations have, and will increase market competition and ultimately lower prices for consumers while “making the pie bigger,” benefiting both the United States and global economies.

Flexible Structure & The Go Global Agent
Our most valuable assets are our highly talented and versatile people. The organizational structure gives our employees the flexibility to communicate effectively and allows constant improvement to be sought and developed.  At the heart of the organization is the Go Global Agent. The agent is responsible for fielding business, effectively matching customer needs with appropriate solutions, following and tracking client accounts to ensure 0% errors and 100% satisfaction. Our people know when to use their own knowledge to solve a problem, and how to leverage the knowledge of the Go Global team and the latest information technology to find effective and creative solutions to problems. Because of this flexible structure, if a customer requires something we don’t offer, perhaps a specialized type of consulting, we can quickly find the most efficient solution through our large network of partner companies.

Go Global Logistics not only provides individualizes consulting, customs broker services, US Customs import and export clearance, freight forwarding, supply chain management, and every custom logistics solution your company requires to compete effectively in the global economy.

Are you ready to Go Global?

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